Social Responsibility

As a people-first company, we take great pride not only in promoting our clients’ health and wellbeing but in wider social responsibility activities. We take part in a variety of initiatives and events aimed at social care and environmental protection, such as educational campaigns and fundraising activities for kindergartners, hospitals, and schools.


Environment Protection

At Filtreon we believe in being part of the solution, not of the problem. That’s why, while we care deeply for the wellbeing of our clients, the wellbeing of our planet is also close to our hearts. Aiming to be ever-more sustainable, we routinely use recyclable materials and components, support clean technologies, and strive to minimize energy consumption in our manufacturing processes.

We are well-aware that air pollution is a direct result of unsustainable development, and make effort to keep the air clean not just through filtration, but by keeping it as clean as possible at the source. Social responsibility and environmental protection are an ongoing process, and we strive to do better every day. Knowing that we can still grow and do more, we welcome inspiring ideas. Please contact us to share your suggestions.