Driven by Design

At Filtreon, we design and customize our own manufacturing processes to ensure the unmatched quality of our filters on the global market. Aware of the positive effect of our products on our clients’ health, we place great emphasis on quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Beginning with the design, our filters are optimized to ensure optimal flow and interception balance. We select only the best-fitted materials and carefully adjust them to each purifying device, expanding its and the filter’s lifecycle.

We subject all our components and materials to stringent tests and rely only on materials fulfilling the highest quality standards. Knowing that our entire product is only as good as its weakest part, we constantly examine and improve even the smallest elements of our filtration systems.

Seamlessly Produced

The final assembly process is vital, as it results in the finished product being created while ensuring the highest quality standards. Seamless assembly of our filters is possible thanks to our customized automation processes, impeccably clean production environment, and rigid procedures, all aimed at continuous quality improvement.

However, our efforts go beyond design and production. We also take care of the packaging, making sure that all Filtreon filters are individually packed in our custom-made, eco-friendly boxes, in which they reach our clients at their homes of officers.