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Why Filtreon filters?

When it comes to quality, we know no compromise. First, we select first-rate, rigorously tested materials. Then, our world-class experts work tirelessly to create filters of utmost efficiency. Finally, each Filtreon filter undergoes rigorous testing at our cutting-edge labs, as well as third-party facilities. This is how, by combining know-how, experience, and stringent quality control we bring you products you can trust. Because you deserve clean, fresh air in every breath.

Why Filtreon filters?

Our filters are designed by world-class specialists who are working hard to get Filtreon filters up to the best possible quality. The air filters produced by Filtreon are carefully tested in our labs as well as third party labs. This way, we ensure the quality processes are executed well to achieve the best products on the market. Buying Filtreon filters, you will be sure its materials were tested correctly and are of the best quality. The reason is simple – we want our customers to enjoy clean air with no pollutants at all!

We are dedicated to providing you with the best service on the market,

long after you invest in our filters or air purifying systems.

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Why does air filtration matter?

It’s invisible, it’s everywhere around us and we take it for granted—air. An average person takes as many as 23.000 breaths a day, and yet we rarely stop to think about the quality of the air we breathe. The quality which is rapidly declining, and with the constant increase in pollution levels, this disturbing trend is not likely to be reversed anytime soon.

Luckily, we have an answer to the challenges that pollution and declining air quality poses to health and wellbeing—air filtration. The fast advancing research in this field and new, cutting-edge technologies make widely-available and affordable what until recently was accessible only to selected few—clean, fresh air at your home and work-place. All-day, every day.